The ensemble comprises a historic existing building and a townhouse currently in development. The existing property was constructed around 1904, featuring an elegant old-world facade characteristic of its era. It is undergoing a meticulous redesign while preserving its historical structural integrity. Adjacent to Greifweg, Silberlake is crafting an exclusive townhouse.


The ground floor of the existing property houses two commercial units, and a commercial rental space is also planned for the ground floor of the townhouse. In the upper floors, a total of three apartments will be developed and renovated, resulting in a total rental area of approximately 530 square meters. All apartments will be equipped with terraces or balconies. The townhouse will additionally feature spacious rooftop terraces. To ensure accessibility, a new four-person elevator will be installed. Furthermore, to enhance the safety of residents in both the new construction project and the existing building, apartment doors will be comprehensively replaced, and security measures for burglary and fire protection will be significantly improved.


Silberlake will completely redesign the entrance area of Belsenstr. 2 with high-quality natural stone floors and granite pedestals. All apartments will be furnished with parquet flooring and natural stone bathrooms. Additionally, the townhouse will include a fitness room and a wine cellar in the basement.

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Please note that the visualizations are for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute guaranteed features. Deviations between the visualizations and the final project are possible.

The property at the intersection of Belsenstraße 2 and Greifweg 4 is centrally located in Oberkassel, right by Belsenplatz, in close proximity to the Rhine promenade and the Rhine meadows, making it one of the most sought-after residential areas in Düsseldorf. Oberkassel is not only characterized by spacious green areas and historic buildings but also boasts excellent connectivity.

The Belsenstraße/Greifweg ensemble is just a short walk from the subway station, providing easy access to the center of Düsseldorf and the renowned Königsallee shopping district within minutes. A brief stroll across the Rhine bridge leads directly to the Tonhalle and the city center. Belsenplatz, Luegallee, and the surrounding side streets offer a wide range of high-quality retail stores and international culinary options. Additionally, the airport is easily accessible by public transportation or car.