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We Make You and Your Assets Future-Ready!

Considering ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria, we position you and your assets securely in the market.

You benefit from our innovation and implementation strength, as well as our ability to provide all real estate services through our digital platform.

For each client, we create a dedicated digital ESG ecosystem with connected service providers and reporting structures. Whether you want to entrust us with a single service or the entire management along the lifecycle of a property – We are happy to be your partner for ESG compliance in the real estate industry.


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With over 1,000 residential units and over 50,000 square meters of commercial space, the Silberlake Real Estate Group is also active as a long-term property holder in the greater Düsseldorf area. As a long-term holder, we implement targeted measures to increase tenant satisfaction, the value of our properties, and their energy efficiency.

Silberlake follows a consistent manage-to-ESG strategy and implements it rigorously. The company combines implementation strength, responsiveness, and innovative digital solutions with the expertise of its employees to meet the challenges of the real estate market.

What Services Do We Offer?
  • Rental of multi-family homes
  • Rental of residential complexes
  • Renovation and infill development

A good idea requires the best implementation expertise.

Our project management professionals combine know-how from service development, comprehensive project management, targeted project coordination, and extensive experience in the real estate and project development business.

To the Projects

In the multifaceted world of real estate, we are your reliable partner.

Our company specializes in professionally managing real estate investments to ensure their long-term viability.

With our management services, we ensure that your real estate investments are in the best hands. We offer tailored solutions in investment, real estate, and asset management, as well as ESG sustainability.

Our expertise covers the management of challenging distressed asset investments, optimizing your leasing strategy, and implementing ESG principles.

Our goal is to generate stable cash flows and maximize the profitability of your real estate investments without losing sight of sustainability.

Our experienced team relies on a combination of proven strategies and innovative approaches to future-proof your real estate investments and ensure your long-term success.

  • Investment Solutions:

Tailored investment strategies for sustainable real estate portfolios, including distressed asset investing and wealth management.

  • Real Estate and Asset Management:

Optimization of leasing processes, value enhancement, and professional facility and operating cost management.

  • ESG Sustainability:

Upgrading properties to ESG standards, revitalizing stranded assets, and comprehensive ESG reporting.

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Silberlake and ESG

As a service provider and investor, we have recognized that ESG is gaining increasing importance in the real estate and financial industries, as well as in society.

We have responded to this trend and are pleased to offer our extensive expertise in ESG transformation to clients. Through our digital and ESG-compliant service platform, third parties can access all services along the lifecycle of a property, combining economic success with ecological transformation.

In addition to adhering to the highest environmental standards, we have also committed ourselves as a company to adhering to comprehensive social standards and see our real estate engagement as an opportunity to make our cities better.

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The Silberlake Real Estate Group manages residential units with a rental area of more than 500,000 square meters throughout Germany. Our real estate expertise along the entire property value chain allows us to create synergies and optimize the quality of asset and property management for our clients.

By the way, we are also active in the field of project development.

here you can find our projects