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Living Values

This is Silberlake

The Silberlake Real Estate Group specializes in digital and ESG-compliant real estate investments.

As an investor and portfolio manager, we focus on identifying and addressing ESG deficiencies in portfolios and individual properties, while developing and implementing a tailored strategy to enhance investment performance.

Silberlake possesses in-house expertise and a modular digital service platform that seamlessly offers all services throughout the life cycle of a property. We invest both on our own behalf and on behalf of third parties.

Silberlake is the only real estate investor and manager capable of encompassing the entire life cycle of a property within a single digital ecosystem. Whether it’s property management, investment management, asset management, or project developments, our actions are guided by the alignment of socially relevant values with a business perspective, or as we call it:

“Living and elevating values” – That’s Silberlake!

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Recognizing Opportunities and Seizing Chances

The Silberlake Real Estate Group is your perfect partner for comprehensive services in the realm of investment, acquisition, and real estate development. Whatever concerns you may have regarding your real estate investment, we develop a tailored solution for you. We are eager to assist you in maximizing the full potential of your existing investment portfolios. Furthermore, our offerings encompass project development, project management, and acquisitions, with a strong focus on ESG compliance. We provide all our services modularly and digitally through our in-house platform, allowing you to access services as needed or entrust us with the entire value chain of your investment.

Recognizing Old Paths and Paving New Ways

The Silberlake Real Estate Group provides you with a full spectrum of property management services. With our in-house team and an established network of external service providers, we work to increase your revenues and assist you in achieving your return on investment goals. If you require assistance in preserving your capital, we help optimize ongoing costs. Our offering encompasses the entire range of property management, from the project phase through day-to-day operations and monitoring to potential future decisions regarding alternative forms of utilization. We also take care of tenant management and property accounting to establish a solid foundation for the appreciation of your real estate assets.

Understanding the Market and Shaping the Cityscape Positively

The Silberlake Real Estate Group offers comprehensive expertise and experience to assist you in the development of your projects. Our experienced project managers guide you from planning through execution to project completion. As developers in the residential and commercial real estate sector, we prioritize high construction quality and pay attention to social and ecological sustainability. We undertake both infill developments and brownfield and greenfield developments. As long-term property holders, we support you in the planning, management, and implementation of measures that ensure the satisfaction of real estate users and enhance the value of your property.

Thinking Ahead and Acting Sustainably

The Silberlake Real Estate Group places your desires at the forefront. With a clear emphasis on core competencies in the areas of investment, project development, asset, and property management, we create an investment portfolio for you and manage your real estate in line with your investment criteria. We are also ready to assist with the management of your existing portfolio and help you optimize your investment. A particular focus is placed on ESG compliance and the associated reporting.

Fostering Individuality and Building Community

At Silberlake Real Estate Group, the customer takes center stage, and with them, the individual. Our actions are guided by how we can provide you – whether you’re a tenant, buyer, or client – with the best possible service and, in turn, the finest product. Coupled with high motivation, expertise, and a strong sense of unity within our team, we achieve optimal results. Your success is our driving force.

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John Bothe and Thomas Falk have been investing in German residential real estate since 2008. In 2015, these two entrepreneurs founded the Silberlake Real Estate Group.
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The Silberlake Real Estate Group is committed to its responsibility towards business partners and employees, as well as the environment and society. High economic, social, and ecological standards always serve as the benchmark for our actions.
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The Management

John Bothe and Thomas Falk have been investing in German residential real estate since 2008. In 2015, these two entrepreneurs founded the Silberlake Real Estate Group. They combine an innovative spirit shaped by the digital sector with a profound understanding of the real estate industry.

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John Bothe

founder and managing director

John Bothe, a native of Düsseldorf, has been active in the real estate market for over a decade and has become a prominent figure in the German real estate landscape. He has been involved in several hundred real estate transactions, accumulating extensive knowledge in the areas of investment, asset, and property management, as well as the financing and structuring of real estate transactions. During this time, Bothe has built a wide network of international investors, real estate companies, and construction firms. With his involvement in the real estate industry, Bothe aims to create tangible added value for residents, property owners, and society, not merely on paper.

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